Mae of the Sea and her nature loving friends.


Mae set out to have an adventure on the high sea. She was going on a very old boat known for it’s ghostly inhabitants and it’s old world decor. Although the boat was docked for the entirety of her visit she still made sure to read up on shipwrecks before the expedition. Mae loves everything to do with the sea; she believes she was a mermaid in a past life.


The Joshue Trees are her brothers and the lizards crawling along the sand are her friends. Kee-Kee is a girl of the desert. She spends her days hiking and eating watermelon and oranges and her nights staring at the stars. She twists up string and leather bits into her hair so she can feel more a part of the earth. She sells crafts she makes from things found in the sand.


The yogi wood-nymph, Dharma, lives in a tree house she built with help from her boyfriend. She is a DIY babe who knits her own clothing and blankets and makes her own Kombucha. She teaches a donation based yoga class in a clearing near her house and has a dinner party every week. The theme varies by season and usually involves different countries’ food.


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